French II is a course designed to develop confidence toward the target language. In order to reach this ultimate goal, working on French conversations is one of the tools we use. This work is organized in a socio-cultural perspective. The students practice the four skills of the foreign language learning: speaking, reading, writing, and listening.

The work consists in two parts:

The presentational mode is a digital movie, using Xtranormal.com. The students use the conversation they wrote in order to do their movie.

After writing their conversation about family relationships, they set up a digital movie using the script they wrote.

The students have to choose characters, background music and ambience. They have to use different cameras’ angles, put emotions on the characters’ faces, and pauses during the dialogues. They have to check their work by watching and listening to their scenario, in order to be sure that it is understandable for the other students.

Finally, the students post their work on their own blog and wikispace.


View my xtranormal for additional assistance in completely this task


The work is grading as follow:
Paragraph Grading Rubric
Ideas are clearly exposed and all questions are answered

Paragraph makes appropriate and accurate use of grammar

Paragraph makes appropriate and accurate use of vocabulary

Paragraph is well organized.
weak strong
weak strong
weak strong
weak strong
“Oral “Grading Rubric
Clearly answered to the subject.
Clearly answered to all the requirements
Made appropriate and accurate use of grammar, vocabulary, and discourse structure

Used voice
(Volume, pitch, rate) effectively

weak strong
weak strong
weak strong
weak strong


The students use the target language in a different structure, using an interactive tool. They enjoy exploring the options offered by Xtranormal.com. They practice the four language skills in cultural orientation, expanding their confidence in French.


This project designed and implemented by Carol Desgerette, French teacher at Mount Saint Joseph Academy. Web page design and technical assistance furnished by Carol Siwinski, Instructional Technology Coordinator.

September, 2009